Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tauer Accords

Recently, I received a sample phial of Andy Tauer's newest creation, Rêverie au Jardin (2007). Having not been entirely convinced by his L'Air du Desert Morocain, which simply reminded me of many of Sheldrake's oriental creations for Serge Lutens, Rêverie was a welcome reminder that Tauer is capable of very good things. So let's get down to business. First off, I do not like lavender. Its slightly sweet, medicinal character reminds me of Anthroposophical apothecaries overflowing with Bademilch and warming massage oils. I do not like that ubiquitous and, hence unnamed, fragrance from the house of Creed. Yes, the one that smells like an effete Northern Irishman left out in the rain and that rhymes with greed. That said, when I applied Rêverie, I was rather pleasantly surprised. It was a piece of music, one of the early Beethoven piano sonatas. First movement: lavender oil and galbanum. The feeling here is that of greenness, freshness and something very innocent. Second movement: the heart warms with a spicy orris note backed by rose absolute, which is almost Guerlinade without the aldehydes playing backup. Final movement: Strangely the adagio––drydown to ambrette seeds (hibiscus abelmoschus), oakmoss, vetiver, ambergris and sandalwood. So smooth, it's intoxicating. I put my nose to the inside of my elbow and tears filled my eyes. Tauer had taken me somewhere I'd been before but couldn't capture in my mind's eye. It was like one of those great romantic encounters where, faced with a thing of such withering beauty, your eyes remain closed in utter mystical reverence. I can only look forward to what he will create in the near future.


Blogger Kelley said...

Beautiful review. I totally agree with you on Andy's newest creation. You are a wonderful writer. Keep up the good work.

I spotted a link to your blog on Andy's website!


July 3, 2007 at 2:51 PM  
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