Monday, May 28, 2007

A Manifesto

French vétiver, from Tamil veṭṭivēr : veṭṭi, worthless + vēru, useless.

Imagine a world composed of notes (monads of distinct style, tone and feeling). This is the world which I try to experience every day. It requires an attention to the almost infinite number of details of the sensory realm and a restless form of analysis. It is a venture in which I invest a precious quantity of my time and which draws on a wealth of experience (my own and that of other experts). Over the next few months, I hope to create a repository of notes on the olfactory experience and beyond ... and to invite other aesthetes (oenophiles, perfumophiles and the sartorially inclined) to indulge themselves therein. Here commenceth a beautiful, worthless thing.